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Will Peneguy, New Orleans

“Baseball fans recognize the principles of truth in Yogi Berra’s utterance, “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” In Wayne Patterson’s book, “Category League Baseball”, he takes the reader along on the type of mental dance that has been the core rhythm of the game over parts of three centuries. Before the “Cloud” and Ethernet, the mind was, and still is, baseball’s 12-month performance platform. No matter if off-season, around the water cooler, or in mid-game, “what-if”, “remember-when” and “who” have been as much a part of the game as “Tinkers to Evers to Chance”. Patterson’s efforts bring these concepts to a new level: a woodwind double play combination in Muskegon, the role of Sycamore’s Hall-of-Fame right-fielder 80 years before Jackie Robinson, and a shortstop’s role in a Cuban Bowl game. Yogi also once advised, “If you arrive at a fork in the road, take it.” Patterson takes the reader on an interesting fork seldom traveled, provoking typical third-base grandstand dialogue “what-ifs” at every turn.”

Alex Sanders, Charleston, SC

“The whole project looks absolutely fascinating. The "hints" are priceless.”

Bob Whelan, Dallas

This is great stuff! The excerpts are original, inventive, and amusing! I haven’t had so much fun with baseball for years. The excerpts are unique. There are few gaps in the baseball literature, but this fills one, and is highly entertaining.

Martin Hewitt, Alexandria, VA

I really enjoyed the biographical material on the players and the historical, informational material on the towns and a quasi historian I eat that stuff up. This material gives color to the game in keeping with the aura of bb which is statistical and biographical - some of the characters to be sure are larger than life.

David Berman, Providence

“Just reading the answer section was quite enjoyable.”

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